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Ghost is a speedy, lightweight publishing platform. If your blog is running on Ghost, you can write your posts with Ulysses and publish them effortlessly from within the app.

Connect Your Ghost Blog With Ulysses

First, you’ll need to connect Ulysses and Ghost.

On Mac, open the Preferences menu, and switch to the Accounts tab. The + button on the bottom left lets you add a new publishing account.

On iPad and iPhone, you’ll find this option directly in the exporter. Open the editor menu (circled ellipsis), choose Export and switch to Publishing. Now, tap the Add Account icon top right and select Ghost from the list of publishing options. Provide the URL of your blog, the email address you’re using to log in, and your password.

You’ll have to do this only once, as the connection will sync automatically to your other devices.

Write Your Post

Now, write your blog post with Ulysses! Add headings, images, emphasized and strong words and text passages to your liking — you’ll see, they’ll translate nicely into the layout of your blog!

We'll also apply some magic when you later publish your post:

  • The first heading in your text will become the title of your blog post.
  • Keywords attached to your sheet will turn into tags if they match tags that are already available on your blog. (Please set new tags in your Ghost backend first.)
  • The first note attached to your sheet is going to be your post’s excerpt.
  • The first image attached to your sheet will serve as your post’s featured image.

Publish to Ghost

Once you’ve finished a new post that you want to publish, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Export Preview using the preview button in the toolbar or the shortcut ⇧⌘P (shift-command-P). 
  2. Switch the export format to Publishing.
  3. Select your Ghost blog from the available accounts. This will already open a preview of your post.
  4. If you’re confident with the preview, click or tap the submit button top right. The upcoming publishing panel lets you review and edit your post’s title, URL, excerpt, and tags. 
  5. Set your schedule: Do you want to publish now or later? And do you want to upload a draft or publish the post? Per default, Ulysses will immediately upload a draft.
  6. Choose an action: Do you want to view or preview the post online, open Ghost’s backend editor — or nothing at all? Ulysses’ default for this is to open the Ghost editor for a final look.
  7. Click or tap Publish.

And you’re done! Your post is now available on your Ghost blog: either as a draft waiting for you to publish it manually, or set for release at the time you’ve chosen, or already live on your blog!

This article was last updated on November 13, 2020.

Publish to Ghost

Publish to your Ghost blogs from within Ulysses, quick and easy